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levinson shows us mitt romney held a rally in the biggest battleground state florida, which begins early voting today. president obama was in another swing state, new hampshire. >> reporter: mitt romney traveled to florida, the biggest battlegrounds state to lock down its 29 electoral votes. >> i need your help, we need to win this. we're taking back america. >> reporter: early voting started in the state saturday. and the romney campaign is pushing supporters to cast their ballots now. with polls showing a tight race, romney hopes to keep his momentum going to election day. >> the supporters of the president have this chance, they do four more years, i like ten more days a lot better you know what? [ laughter ] >> reporter: in new hampshire, president barack obama once again heard the four more years. [ people chanting ] and he too talked about ten more days. >> ten days and you'll be stepping into a voting booth, and making is defining choice about the future of our country. >> reporter: new hampshire is the smallest battleground state with just four electoral votes with the way the ra
it to shore and the other two remain missing. now, sergeant gonzalez from the sheriff's office brings us up- to-date. >> the problem was a delay in the search t. happened at 10:00 but one of the -- it happened at 10:00 but one of the subjects self-rescued and crawled his way up to the farmhouse and called 911 there is about an hour delay. the boat is pretty much right on the shoreline. not that far out. 50 yards or something like that. and, and so that was how the two made it to shore. one made it to shore and suffering from hypothermia and the other was able to make it up here to the farmhouse. >> reporter: so, two people with life vests are going to survive. they are hospitalized and the search continues for the other two missing. the coast guard has been involved all day and will resume the search as well as members of the state parks association and the county sheriff's office. >> all right, don, thank you very much. >>> it is one of the hottest days of the year and there is more to come. thousands in the bay area got outside to take advantage of the nice weather. we are told cooling c
finally hold them accountable. it's time for us to stand up to china for their cheating that's got to stop. >> reporter: voters say the economy is the number one issue in the election. >> i bet on american workers and american ingenuity and three years laters it's paying you have in a big way. >> reporter: president obama argues the decision saved jobs. >> gm is back. ford and chrysler are growing again. together our auto industry has created nearly a quarter of a million new jobs right here in america. >> reporter: the president arrived in virginia saturday. he's cramming for the second presidential debate in williamsburg at a golf resort. campaign watchers say that the president needs a strong showing tuesday night. national polls show the race is a dead heat after romney got a boost from his performance at the first match-up. the republican candidate will spend sunday practicing for round two. ines ferre for cbs news. >> and you can watch tuesday night's highly anticipated debate from cbs 5. coverage begins at 6:00. the second presidential debate will be conducted in a town hall format
anne makovec shows us, that's causing confusion among voters and tensions between supporters and opponents of both propositions. >> conspiracy theory. >> who the hell are you? >> reporter: you can tell how heated the debate is getting when just seconds into an interview with an opponent of prop 30 we were interrupted. >> there's a conspiracy theory that you're trying to propagate. if the news wants to take your conspiracy theory and run with it -- >> as the news, we're giving everybody -- [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: this confrontation was outside of an event featuring governor brown. >> just in case you don't know why i'm here, i want to make it real clear. >> reporter: prop 30 would bring california an estimated $6 billion a year by temporarily raising the income tax on the state's highest earners and sales tax by .25%. >> proposition 30 is about a lot of things. it's about kids. it's about teachers. it's also about the credit rating of california. it's about social harmony. it's about hope. and it's about those who have been most blessed who have an opportunity to
yet. good evening. let's start with a look at the roads at this hour. joins us from the traffic center. yesterday pretty light. >> yesterday was light you are exactly right. and today we're starting to see convest goes out there. live conditions from chopper 5. we are hearing reports of southbound embarcadero slow. and as the events wrap up for today, we had a lot of people, a lot of foot traffic. seems like they paid attention and most people used mass transit. but again bart saw an increase this rider ship. kind of give you an overview of what else is happening. if you are working your way, delays and the right lane remains closed. lower deck of the bay bridge starting to see congestion. extra volume out of san francisco across the lower deck in towards the east. most of the conditions around treasure island. yellow and red here on our sensors. you are going to see delays on headed toward at&t park. 6:37 first pitch. also 49ers game has wrapped up. 101 seeing delays. if you are going to head out the door, give yourself a few extra minutes. >> thank you much. fleet week and america 's
now? gianna franco joins us from the traffic center. >> reporter: people used mass transit as an alternate. we'll show you live pictures right now from chopper 5 which is overhead along near atlantic salmon there and you can see this is where we are going to see most of the traffic conditions as folks head out to the ballpark to cheer on the giants this evening. so you can see embarcadero maybe extra volume but overall not too bad. on the bay bridge this is what it's been like most of the day. not a lot of cars on the road, which is good news for people heading out into san francisco or leaving the city and again, that's where you might see a lot of the traffic. on the maps, to give you an overview of what's happening now on the roads, first of all, if you are planning on working your way into san francisco, again, 280 extension where you will see hot spots, giants versus reds, first pitch at 6:37 so folks are already heading there. embarcadero delays are possible there because of america's cup and fleet week. northbound is where we are se
obama say he has a plan. >> mitt romney should come out on a trail with us and come to some of our rallies, that would be fun, and throeufpb , and listen to what the president is a ising. >> reporter: monday's debate is the final match up. the focus, foreign policy sunday, 50 students won tickets to win to see the debate in person. >> i am so excited. i am about to cry. i am so excited. >> reporter: this 41-year-old single mother is back in college. looking for spectaculars from the candidates but -- specifics from the candidates but thinks the president has the edge. >> i think he knows what he is talking about but foreign policy is his thing. >> reporter: it will include the attack in libya and nuclear tensions with iran. >> you can watch the final presidential debate live tomorrow on cbs 5 starting at 6:00 p.m. >>> former south carolina governor has died. he tried to make the watergate scandal his campaign against richard nixon but the liberal could not escape mistakes in his own campaign. mcgovern was 90 years old. >>> well, the san mateo bridge is closed this weekend for se
'd look out for all of us. >> literally just came to town to see the opera and the cardinals happened to win their fifth game and we happened to get the tickets. >> reporter: what are tickets going for today? >> i don't know. >> what's your price range sir? >> give me the range. >> the bleachers is $150. that's season ticketholders. >> now we're going to the giants game. >> reporter: you went to both games! both games. >> reporter: how much money you dropping today? >> $800 in tickets, clothes and whatever we spent out there. >> reporter: $1,000. >> easy. >> reporter: $1,000. >> yeah. so what's the price of hanging out with your son during the day right? like the commercial says. >> peanuts, corn nuts, sodas $1. >> reporter: get the bar canes while you can. -- bargains while you can. $1,000 to spend a day with your kid? yeah. go giant fan. i notice you're outside the ballpark mike. >> reporter: i don't mike that kind -- make that kind of dough. >>> and on the east coast, the yankees dropped two in a row detroit beats new york again in the american league championship series. the tiger
. conditions along the delaware coast are already deteriorating. some people are using the final hours before sandy strikes to protect the property. >> and making sure the store doesn't get damaged. >> utility crews are getting in place. the storm is expected to cause massive power outage and could lippinger for days. -- linger for days. in this part of delaware, what it means, if you do not leave, safety officials will not come get you if the worst is at hand. >> all right. thanks so much. >>> and roberta gonzalez is watching the storm. has more on the path. roberta. >> reporter: we've been monitoring it for days. this storm system is not losing any kind of strength at all. in fact, the winds from the system, even though it's 500 miles offshore, the hurricane has winds that stream out 450 450 nautical miles. it's windy here in san francisco. the winds are reaching all the way towards ocean side to the south. that's a big hurricane. taking up a lot of real estate, look at the rain bans already. 60% chance of rain tonight in detroit. a better chance of rain even tomorrow. the hurricane moving
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9